Frequently Asked Questions


+ How much will my appointment cost?

Nothing. All of our services are free of charge. Nova Pregnancy Help Centers are a non-profit organization funded by private individuals and organizations who believe in helping women and families. We make no financial gain from your visit or pregnancy decision.

+ How long will my appointment take?

Pregnancy testing appointments usually take one hour. Ultrasound appointments usually take about an hour and 15 minutes.

+ Do I need insurance?

No. We provide our services to many women who do not have health insurance. If you need assistance in applying for health insurance through Medicaid, we can help you get started.

Make an appointment for confidential, compassionate help.

+ What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring a photo ID, if possible, with you for our records. For ultrasound appointments, you will receive more detailed instructions from our nurse. Please drink water an hour before you come in and try to refrain from using the bathroom before your ultrasound.

+ Can you tell me the gender of my baby?

No. This capability is not within our purview. To find out the gender of your baby, you must see an OB doctor – we may be able to help refer you to one near you.

+ I’m a minor / I don’t want my family or friends to know yet. Is my information confidential?

Yes! We place a high value on our clients’ privacy. If you are a minor, you do not need your parent’s consent to set up an appointment. All information discussed in your appointment is strictly confidential.*

* Our centers comply with mandatory reporting laws concerning domestic violence, sexual assault and self-harm. If you are in a domestic violence situation or have experienced sexual assault and need help immediately, please call Fairfax County’s 24-hour Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline at 703-360-7273. If you think you might hurt yourself, please call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.